The World is Triangular

About the author

Vaidotas MIKŠYS has been taking pinhole photographs since 2012. He is using cameras that he has built or adapted himself.

The series „The World is Triangular“ is based on an idea that in any corner of the world we can find some specific corners. Looking out of those corners we see an image that is different every time, but at the same similar in it’s triangular shape. The triangle a very stable and powerful shape. It’s difficult to move, difficult to turn over. It has sharp defensive corners. This is why most of the series’ photographs show the places of stability and power. Political, spiritual, judicial power. Churches, castles, courts, parliaments. Solidly planted in the ground, they reach for the skies, forming the ever apparent triangle which is repeating over places again and again.

The series is expanding continuously. Don’t hesitate to come back in a few months to see if there are any new views of some new places.

You may contact the author at info(atsign) He speaks Lithuanian, English, French, German, Russian, some Spanish and Luxembourgish.

All images © Vaidotas Mikšys, 2017-2018